STM game changers impacting communities

STM game changers impacting communities

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At 256 Youth Platform Mohamed Mukalu, an STM alumnus is the founder and director.

His organization targets youth in meaningful activities with the aim of improving maternal and child health the community. Mohamed says that his organisation empowers communities to be responsible when they are pregnant, at delivery and thereafter.” 

256 Youth Platform has set systems in communities to support pregnant girls and the boys responsible for these pregnancies by employing them on the project as well as mentor them. 

The project encourages the expectant young girls to go for antenatal care and prepare for birth. Medie says: “We have a department of sexual and reproductive health where teenage mothers are educated about staying health during pregnancy and delivering at a health facility.  I’m so happy that I was empowered by STM to support my community.”

Indeed, the youth who have benefited from Mohamed’s work speak out on how they have benefited.

Joseph is an expectant father:I’m a rapper of 256 and also a coordinator of heath at 256. I have been able to take my girlfriend for antenatal care. I have a job so I can earn some money and save. This is because I had a mentor (Medie) who gave me a chance to know about the three delays. I am now responsible for every action that I take.”

Benjamin: I’m a nurse. In 2017 when medical workers in Uganda went on strike, there were no health workers in hospitals. But this didn’t stop people from getting sick and mothers giving birth. During this time we lost many mothers.  256 developed an emergency program and Medie was heading the emergency program in Uganda. At this time, I was still in high school. I volunteered on the 256 emergency program and I saw very many mothers lose their lives and mothers bleed a lot because doctors were not giving them attention. I developed the zeal for nursing and thought that if I had experience, I could have saved many lives. When I was working with Medie on that program, I was inspired to do a midwifery course to support mothers. But I was not admitted for that course. I decided to be a nurse and I’m in my last year doing nursing.  I believe that after this I will upgrade and do more to save mothers and babies in Uganda.”

Proscovia: A coordinator for sexual and reproductive health at 256 supports and empowers pregnant girls. She also supports the young fathers on the platform. She explains that part of her work is to settle disputes caused due to teen pregnancies and also to enable girls to earn a living through art and craft. She lauds 256‘s mentorship program, ‘Teenage mothers’ garage,’ which enables girls gain valuable skills. Proscovia also escorts pregnant mother to hospital for antenatal care and when they are in labour.

Medie said: “I have decided to take a mentorship role in my community by working and mentoring youth into a productive force empowered with soft skill, hard skills and right mind-set to tackle community challenges for development. Through +256 youth platform am heading a team of young people determined to learn and try their times in addressing the bigger challenges of our times.

Our leadership is built on a concept of values, hardworking and doing what the community thinks is impossible.

Join Medie@256: Medie invites and welcomes anyone who is willing to support the youth in achieving the ambitions of creating a desirable change in their communities.”

Mohamed Mukalu
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